Special Announcement


Next week, on Thursday, I am going to Ireland, and I will be there for a week and a half.


It will not affect the posts on the blog, since I’ve taken it upon myself to create 60+ original posts for the time I won’t be here. My activity of reblogging, answering questions and basically running this blog depends on how much free time I have (since I have tours, plays and assignments—this is not a vacation, but it will be pretty) and it depends on whether or not I have Wi-Fi. The blog will be run from the queue in autopilot with whatever I fill it up with next Wednesday.

During my trip, if you want to tell me or ask me something, send it via ask or fan mail. NO REPLIES, please, since I won’t be checking the notes very often or at all—if, again, I don’t have Wi-Fi or time—and the reply will probably get lost. (If I remember, I’ll deactivate that function). 

After the trip, if you want me to post about it, just ask me, and I’ll be happy to oblige. I have to keep a journal (something I was going to either way, but now I’m being graded on it), so I will have lots to tell. Also, for the first time I will have a roommate. That alone will be an experience.

I will write something on the blog, for the people who visit it, and I’ll reblog this a couple of times.

Love you all!


I leave tomorrow!!!

And I did deactivate the replies. I’ll activate it again once I’m back.


conortumblr answered: my season 6 dvds disappeared ages ago, so as a result, i’m on the 3rd episode of season 6.

Cool. Something similar happened to me. My disc one from Season 2 is… um, unusable, so I’ll be watching those episodes with my cousin tonight. But, I still had to watch something this morning.

conortumblr ask

I’ve watched two episodes already (“Pilot” and “Lorelai? Lorelai?”). How many have you guys watched?

Gilmore Girls