Hailing from the same era of television that made Joss Whedon and Aaron Sorkin into icons, ‘Gilmore Girls’ featured many of the same qualities that made ‘Buffy’ and ‘West Wing’ so beloved — great actors, quality production values and dialogue so distinctive that you could pick it out of a line-up, blindfolded. And that came directly from series showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino (who created the show with her husband Dan).

While not necessarily everyone’s taste, the speed-talking and pop culture references made sure that ‘Gilmore Girls’ sounded like nothing else on television, and proved Sherman-Palladino’s importance to the show when, after her departure at the end of Season 6, the series struggled to recapture her voice. When discussing the history of auteur television, Sherman-Palladino’s name frankly does not come up enough, and that’s a shame.

- Liz Shannon Miller, “Why ‘Gilmore Girls’ Coming to Netflix is a Big Damn Deal”  (via clairemiller86)

(via clairemiller86)


Anonymous asked:

what did logan steal from rorys grandparents?

Our Little Corner in the World Answer:

Emily’s antique sewing box. (In Season 5, Episode 20: How Many Kropogs to Cape Cod)

However, Lorelai persuaded him into giving it back, when Emily (obviously) noticed it was missing and there was a lighter in its place.

EDIT: Emily never found out he took it, in the first place. It probably got a maid fired.