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You know, you love these two girls--Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. This blog is dedicated to all the wonderful things they've brought to us over the years.

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So I always think about how at the time that Jess ran away Lorelai was, in my opinion considering the way she always talked about Jess before (and after about other things), surprisingly quiet about the whole matter of Jess running away.

I mean she always had her moments, such as her telling Rory that Jess probably didn’t talk to her about his problems cause it was hard for him, but I always found it interesting how she didn’t really ever comment on the fact that Jess ran away. She would be critical of almost all his other life decisions, make snide comments, even about him saying ‘I love you’ to Rory and then running off, but she never really said anything about that first time he skipped out of town without telling anyone, even though it was perhaps the crappiest thing he ever did to either Luke or Rory.

She was empathetic to Luke and Rory and surprisingly quiet and uncritical or without opinion on the whole event while still completely unsurprised.

And then I realized. Jess ran away from home.

Lorelai ran away from home at the exact same age as him.

She was a filthy liar when she said she knew what kind of troubled kid Jess was and was afraid he would hurt Rory in the way she had known some guys at that age.

She was afraid Jess would hurt Rory (and Luke) in the way she had hurt people at that age.

She saw it coming a mile away.

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