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You know, you love these two girls--Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. This blog is dedicated to all the wonderful things they've brought to us over the years.

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Robazizo’s 22 Days Of Luke And Jess
Day 2 - Favourite Season 2 Episode
2x15 Lost And Found

This episode is pure Luke/Jess gold! Their bromance really comes out to play. Liz sent Jess’ stuff over and Luke is drowning in it. At Lorelai’s suggestion he goes out looking for a bigger apartment for the two of them to live in. It’s remarkable how agreeable Jess is to it all. It seems like he’s resigned to staying in Stars Hollow indefinitely now. Luke ends up buying the building next door to expand his apartment. I’ve always wondered why he didn’t put in at least one separate bedroom though. The boys never had much privacy.

And what’s the implication of Jess needing the music on to sleep? Because he’s used to NYC noise or because of childhood traumas? He does seem to get over it later on.

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