"You know, in the very beginning of the series, in the first year with Alexis Bledel with that beautiful baby face as Rory, if we had said in three years we’re going to have this girl lose her virginity to a married man, our heads would’ve been chopped off, put on pikes and paraded around Burbank.

And even in our writers’ room we had a lot of heated discussions about whether that’s going to hurt the character and all that stuff, but Amy and I felt like that’s where she would go, that’s where her heart would go, that’s her own flaw, because it wasn’t the right thing to do. And we followed through on that flaw. In Year 5, we showed the ramifications of what happens when you sleep with your ex-boyfriend who is married. What are the ramifications for that man’s wife? What are the ramifications for him? So, again, I completely agree with Amy that we’ve always just tried to follow the characters, tried to keep it interesting and always tried to keep it true to the characters, and the people who come after us are going to be doing the same thing

- Daniel Palladino (via onewordtest)

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